Monday, 20 July 2015

Penguin Illustrated Classics

Penguin Illustrated Classics 

There are limited number in this series. I hope to collect all of them. The ones I currently have in my collection are listed below.  They are defined by their woodcutting illustrations.

All books are first published Penguins unless marked otherwise.

1-     Robinson Crusoe

C-2  A Sentimental Journey by Stern 1938

C-4  Walden by Thoreau 1938

C-5  Selected Poems by Robert Browning 1938

C-6  Robinson Crusoe Vol I by Defoe 1938

C-7  Robinson Crusoe Vol II by Defoe 1938

C-8  Typee by Melville 1938

C-9  The Story of My Heart by Richard Jeffries 1938

C-10  Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift 1938


08 Walden by Thoreau 1st publ. 1942

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