Thursday, 25 October 2012

Penguin Poets I Own

Penguin Poets Books I Own

D 2:   Wordsworth: A Selectionby W.E. Williams
D 3:  Robert Burns
D 4:  T.S. Eliot: A Selection by The Author- reprint
D 5:  The Centuries' Poetry 5 Bridges to Present Day
D 6:  The Centuries' Poetry I-Chaucer to Shakespeare-1st
D 7:  The Centuries' Poetry 2-Donne to Dryden
D 8:  The Centuries'Poetry 3- Pope to Keats - reprint
D 9:  The Centuries'Poetry 4:  Hood to Hardy- reprint
D 12: Contemporary Verse: Edited by Kenneth Allott- 1st
D 13:  John Donne (reprint 1958)
D 15:  Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Selection of His Poems & Prose by W. H. Gardner- 1st
D 16:  Edith Sitwell:  A Selection by the Author- 1st
D 18:  Poems 1951: Prize Winning Entries for the Festival of Britain Competition-1st
D 19:  The Penguin Book of Comic and Curious Verse (reprint 1961)
D 20:  Border Ballads: Selected & Edit. by William Beattie-1st
D 21:  Milton:  Selected and Edited by L. D. Lerner
D 22:  The Penguin Book of Modern American Verse: Edited by Geoffrey Moore-1st
D 24:  Browning: A Selection by W.E. Williams-1st
D 25:  Mathew Arnold: A Selection by Kenneth Allott-1st
D 27:  Robert Frost: Selected by Himself -1st
D 27:  Robert Frost: Selected by Himself & W/ an Intro. by C. Day Lewis- reprint
D 27:  Robert Frost: Selected by himself (different cover from one above) -reprint
D 28:  John Dryden:  A Selection by Douglas Grant-1st
D 31: More Comic & Curious Verse: Selected by J.M. Cohen
D 33:  The Penguin of French Verse 3 (The Nineteenth Century)
D 35: Samuel Taylor Goldridge
D 37:  The Penguin Book of Italian Verse
D 38:  The Metaphysical Poets: Edited by Helen Gardner-1st
D 39:  Robert Graves: Selected by Himself
D 38:  The Metaphysical Poets: Introduced and Ed. by Helen Gardner-reprint
D 40:  The Penguin Book of Australian Verse: Ed. by J.Thompson, K.Slessor, & R.G. Howarth-1st
D 43:  The Penguin Book of French  Verse 2 (Sixteenth to Eighteenth Century)
D 44:  Hilaire Belloc:  Collected Verse-1st
D 48: Yet More Comic & Curious Verse: Selected by J.M. Cohen-1st
D 50:  The Penguin Book of French Verse 1 (to 15th century)
D 53:  Thomas Hardy 1st
D 58: Robert Herrick: Selected Poems, Edited & Intro by John Hayward-1st
D 59: Georgian Poetry:  Selected and Introduced by James Reeves
D 62: Penguin Modern Poets 2: Kingsley Amis; Dom Moraes; Peter Porter
D 69: Yevtushenko Selected Poets Penguin Modern European Poets (1968)-reprint
D 71: Pushkin: Selected Verse w/ an Introduction and Prose Translations by John Fennell-1st
D 70: Penguin Modern Poets 3: George Barker, Martin Bell, Charles Causley -1st
D 83:  The Penguin Book of Elizabethan Verse: Introduced & Edited by Edward Lucie-Smith -1st
D 85:  Mallarme': Edited w/ Introduction & Prose Translation by Anthony Hartley-1st
D 88:  The Penguin Book of Animal Verse: Intro & edit. by George MacBeth-1st
D 89:  The Common Muse:  Popular British Ballad Poetry from the 15th to 20th Century-1st
D 90: Penguin Modern Poets 7: Richard Murphy, Jon Silkin, Nathaniel Tarn-1st
D 96:  The Penguin Book of Welsh Verse- Translated with an Introduction by Anthony Conran-1st
D 98:  Heine:  Selected Verse W/ an Introduction and Prose Translation by Peter Branscombe-1st
D 108: The Penguin Book of Restoration Verse: Intro & Edited by Harold Love- 1st
D 113:  Penguin Modern Poets 14: Alan Brownjohn, Michael Hamburger, Charles Tomlinson- 1st

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