Thursday, 2 May 2013

Australian Penguins Owned

The rugged Australian Penguin collection.

The Australian Book List is below. I will continually add to it as I collect more titles in this particular series. The books highlighted in light orange are ones I currently own. The ones that are not highlighted are ones I still need for my collection.

Number      Title                   Author/Date Published

AU 01        To The Islands by Randolph Stow- 1962
AU 02        Kangaroo Tales: Australian Stories for Children: Selected by R Wighton -1963
AU 03        Three Australian Plays by A Seymour; D Stewart; H Porter- 1963 
AU 04        The Penguin Australian Song Book: compiled by J.S. Manifold- 1964
AU 05        The Aunt's Story by Patrick White- 1963
AU 06        The Australian Ugliness by Robin Boyd- 1963
AU 07        The Art of Australia by Robert Hughes (1966 withdrawn, reissued 1970)
AU 08        The Literature of Australia: Edited by Geoffrey Dutton- 1964 
AU 09        The Penguin Book of Australian Ballads: Edited by Russel Ward- 1964
AU 10        The Cardboard Crown by Martin Boyd- 1964
AU 11        Riders in the Chariot by Patrick White- 1964
AU 12        The Lucky Country: Australia in the 60's by Donald Horne- 1964 (reprint)
AU 13        Investment in Australia by Donald Merry & Gordon Bruns- 1965
AU 14        Gardening for Australians by RTM Pescott- 1965
AU 15        Tourmaline by Randolph Stow- 1965
AU 16        The Pink and the Brown by Hugh Atkinson- 1965 (also known as No 2655 in main  
                   Penguin series. )
AU 17        Wild Cat Falling by Colin Johnson- 1966
AU 20        The Merry-go-round in the Sea by Randolph Stow- 1965
AU 23        New Directions in Australian Foreign Policy (Ally, Satellite or Neutral?) Aus Pelican
AU 25        Tides & Eddies by Maie Casey 1966 
AU 26        The Letters of Rachel Henning: Edited by David Adams, Drawings by Norman Lindsay-  
AU 27         Afternoon Light by Sir Robert Menzies - 1969 


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