Thursday, 24 October 2013

King Penguins

King Penguins are the lovely little hardcover books that Penguin Books published during Allen Lane's time.  I have collected the following first published books but am always looking to complete this collection.

K1:  British Birds on Lake, River & Stream by Phyllis Barclay-Smith (1939)
K   2:  A Book of Roses by J. Ramsbottom (1939)
K   3:  A  Book of Ships by Charles Mitchell (board covers)
K   4:  Portraits of Christ by Ernst Kitzinger & Elizabeth Senior (1940)

K   5:  Caricature by E.H. Gombrich and E. Kris (1940)  (soft cover)
K   6:  British Shells by Martin Duncan
K   7:  Fashions and Fashion Plates 1800-1900 by James Laver
K   8:  Elizabethan Miniatures by CarlWinter (1952-reprint)
K   9:  The Microcosm of London by T. Rowlandson & A.C. Pugin (1943)
K 10:  The Bayeux Tapestry by Eric Maclagan, C.B.E. (1945)
K 11:  Britain's Rivers and Lakes by J.R. Norman (1943)
K 12:  The Poet's Corner by Sir Max Beerbohm ( 1943)
K 13:  Edible Fungi by John Ramsbottom (1943)
K 14  A Book of Lilies by Fred Stoker (1943)
K 16:  Children As Artists by R. R. Tomlinson (1944)
K 17:  The Leaves of Southwell by Nikolaus Pevsner (1945)
K 18:  Some British Moths by Norman Riley (1944)
K 19:  Garden Birds by Phyllis Barclay-Smith (1952-reprint)
K 20:  English Ballet by Janet Leeper (1944)
K 21:  Popular Art in Britain by Noel Carrington (1945)
K 22:  Heraldry in England by Anthony Wagner (1946)
K 24:  Birds of the Sea by R.M. Lockley (1945)
K 25:  UR by Sir Leonard Woolley (1946)

K 26:  A Book of Toys by Gwen White (1946)
K 27:  Flowers of Marsh & Stream by Iolo A. Williams (1946)
K 28:  A Book of English Clocks by R.W. Symonds (1947)
K 29:  Flowers in the Woods by E.J. Salisbury (1946)
K 30:  Wood Engravings by Thomas Bewickl by John Rayner
K 31:  English Book Illustrations 1800-1900 by Philip James  
K 33:  Russian Icons by David Talbot Rice (1947)
K 34:  The English Tradition in Design (1947)
K 35:  Spiders by W.S. Bristowe (1947)
K 36:  Ballooning by C.H. Gibbs-Smith (1948)
K 37:  Wild Flowers of the Chalk by John Gilmour (1947)
K 38:  Compliments of the Season by L.D. Ettlinger & R.G.  Holloway (1947)
K 39:  Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer by T. D. Barlow
K 40: Edward Gordon Craig (Designs for the Theatre) by Janet Leeper
K 42:  British Military Uniforms by James Laver (1948)
K 43:  A Prospect of Wales by Kenneth Rowntree and Gwyn Jones (1948)
K 44: Tulipomania by Wilfred Blunt
K 45: Unknown Westminster Abbey by Lawrence Tanner
K 46: Highland Dress by George Collie
K 47: British Reptiles and Amphibia by Malcolm Smith
K 48: A Book of Scripts by Alfred Fairbank
K 49: Some British Beetles by Geoffrey Taylor
K 50: Popular Art in the United States by Erwin Christensen
K 53: Flowers of the Meadow by Geoffrey Gries (1950)
K 54:  Greek Terracottas by T.B.L. Webster (1950)
K 55:  Romney Marsh by John Piper (1950)
K 56:  Early British Railways by Christian Barman (1950)
K 58:  A Book of Ducks by Phyllis Barclay-Smith (1951)
K 59:  Ackermann's Cambridge by Reginald Ross Williamson    
K 60:  The Crown Jewels (1951)
K 61:  John Speed's Atlas of England & Wales (1951)
K 62:  Medieval Carvings in Exeter Cathedral (1953)
K 63:  A Book of Green Coins by Charles Seltman (1952)
K 65: Semi-Precious Stones by N. Wooster
K 66: Birds of La Plata
K 67:  Mountain Birds by G.E. Lodge (1952)
K 68:  Animals in Staffordshire Pottery by Bernard Rackham, C.B. (1953)
K 69: Ackermann's Oxford
K 70:  The Diverting History of John Gilpin by Wm Cowper (1953)
K 72:  Misericords-Medieval Life in English Woodcarving by M.D.Anderson (1954)
K 73: The Picture of Cricket by John Arlott
K 74:  Woodland Birds by Phyllis Barclay-Smith 1955
K 75:  Monumental Brasses by James Mann (1957)

K 76:  The Sculpture of the Parthenon by P.E. Corbett (1959)

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