Thursday, 24 October 2013

Penguin Series and Boxed Sets

For a long time I collected Penguin boxed sets.  Now it seems Penguin doesn't bother with a box anymore and sells the books within a series individually.  I like the illustrations and designs of the vintage boxed sets as well as the newer one but have slowed down finding any more.  I always enjoy hearing about the sets I don't have, if only to have a look at the design.

 The sets I currently have in my collection are listed below.

There were several small orange boxed sets with 10 books per set.  I often find the individual books for sale from the sets and some unknowning book sellers will sell the actual sets with the wrong books in them so if you want a correct set be sure to check them. (For example a travel book might be in the biography set).

  • Penguin Classics - 10 orange spined books
  • Penguin Classics - 10 black spined books
  • Penguin Travel- set of 10 books
  • Penguin Biography - set of 10 books
  • Penguin Cookery - set of 10 books
  • Pocket Penguins -A Collection of Stories - set of 10 books
Other collectable boxed sets are the 60th anniversary boxed sets of classics. The two sets released each have 60 books of excerpts from the original books Penguin published. They are tasters so to speak.  There was a set of Penguin Classics with black spines in a black designed box and there was a set of Penguin 60's published in an orange box and the books, also excerpts from original published books have orange spines.

  • Penguin Classics 60
  • Penguin 60's

Other series that were published are:
  • Penguin Classics Millenium (in a box)
  • Winston Churchill-The Second World War (in a box)
  • The First 10 Penguins ever published (in a box)
  • Great Ideas I (in a box)
  • Great Ideas II (in a box)
After that the Great Ideas books were published in a series (numbered starting with number 41 and were not in a box of 20 books anymore).
More sets on the shelves include:

  • Boys Own Adventures (boxed)
  • Sherlock Holmes (boxed)
  • Penguin Banned Books (boxed)
  • Penguin Epics (boxed)
  • Charles Dickens Christmas Books (boxed)
  • Life & Times of Horatio Hornblower (boxed)
  • Mervyb Peake (boxed)
  • War and Peace (boxed)
  • Best of John Wyndham (boxed)
  • Discover the World of Thomas Hardy (boxed)
  • Penguin Miss Read Companion (boxed)
  • Come Hither by Walter de la Maré (boxed)
  • Sword of Honor Trilogy by Evelyn Waugh (boxed)
  • The Penguin Upmanship by Stephen Potter (boxed)
  • Thor Heyerdahl: Kon Tiki, R.A., Aku-Aku (boxed)
  • The Essential Collection of Poetry-First Editions (boxed)
  • English Journeys (boxed)
  • Great Food Series (unboxed)
  • Penguin Underground Lines (boxed)
  • A Puffin Box of Magic

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