Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Penguin's Puffin Picture Book

Penguin published some really interesting children's Picture Books under the name of Puffin.  They are exceptionally difficult to find but I have managed to attain a very few from a trip I took to England a couple of years ago.  They are fragile and as they were developed for children I imagine many had a great deal of wear and tear.  I continue to look for them wherever I visit.

Hamish by Joanna Cannan
Illustrated by Anne Bullen
PP 13- published 1949 (reprint)
Waterways of the World by WJ Bassett-Lowke & L Dunn
PP 32- published 1944

The Magic of Coal by Peggy M. Hart
PP 49- published 1945

Dogs by Maurice Wilson
PP 56- published ?? (not found)
Our Ponies by Allen W. Seaby
PP 78- published 1949
Wild Flowers PP 81 - published 1949

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