Thursday, 24 October 2013

Penguin Handbooks

Penguin Handbooks were a series of non-fiction books that gave the reader information about many varied topics.  Some of the titles referred to dogs, cats, farm animal breeding, cooking, living well, photography and many other topics.  They are often illustrated with either line drawings or photography and I love them.

I currently have the following collection and am continually looking for more to complete these series.
Dates listed refer to the year Penguin Books published them. 

PH   9:  The Penguin Handyman by Foster Wiseman (1945)
PH 10:  The Breeding of Farm Animals by Chapman Pincher (1946)
PH 17:  The Penguin Cookery Book by Bee Nilson (1961-reprint)
PH 20:  The Intelligent Parents' Manual by Florence Powdermaker and Louise Grimes (1953)
PH 21:  Dogs by Arthur Croxton-Smith (1953)
PH 29:  Flower Arrangement by Betty Massingham (1957)
PH 30:  Cats by Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald (1957)
PH 31:  Photography by Eric De Maré (1957)
PH 36:  The Penguin Hoyle by Hubert Phillips (1958)
PH 37:  Roses by F. Fairbrother (1958 reprint)
PH 38:  The Art of Living by André Maurois (1960)
PH 44:  Rock Gardens by E.B. Anderson (1959)
PH 46:  The Chess Mind by Gerald Abrahams (1960)
PH 55:  The Penguin Car Handbook by Robert Ireson (1960)
PH 58:  Preparation for Painting by Lynton Lamb (1960)
PH 71:  Delphiniums by Ronald Parrett (1961)
PH 79:  Scootering by Jon Stevens (1962)
PH 80:  How to Cook and Eat in Chinese by Buwei Yang Chao
PH 81:  Dogs Edited by Margaret Flanndery (1962)

PH 102:  The Art of the Middle Game by Paul Keres & Alexander Kotov (1964)
PH 113:  Robin McDouall's Cooker Book For the Greedy (1965)
PH 128:  Danish Cooking by Nika Standen Hazelton (1967)
PH 131:  Posh Food by André Launay (1967)
PH 134:  How to Drive Safely by John Eldred Howard (1967)
PH 139:  Soups and Hors d'Oeuvres by Marika Hanbury-Tenison (1969)
PH 143:  Entertaining Single-Handed by Desmond Briggs (1968)

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