Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Penguin Specials

I collect the Penguin Special Books that are some of the most interesting books I believe Penguin published.  As usual, all of the books I try to attain are first  published editions. Dates listed after the titles are when Penguin Publishers published the book. Many of these books also came with dust jackets. 

I currently have the following books but am always searching for more.

Penguin Specials have the letter S on the spine before the number.

S     3:  Blackmail or War by Genevieve Tabouis
            (6th Edition- revised 1938)
S     4:  Searchlight on Spain by Duchess of Atholl, M.P. (Third Large Edition - Sep't 1938 w/ new 
            maps)  Originally published in June 1938 and again in June 1938)
S     8:  The Air Defence of Britain by Air Commodores L. Charlton,G. Garratt & LT Commander R. 
            Fletcher M.P. (1938 reprint) Original publication also in 1938
S   13:  What Hitler Wants by E. O. Lorimer (1939)
S   14:  Mowrer in China by Edgar Ansel Mowrer (1938)
S   19:  Britain by Mass-Observation written by Charles Madge and Tom Harrisson (1939)
S   20:  The Press by Wickham Steed 1938)
S   24:  They Betrayed Czechoslovakia by C. J. George (1938)
S   25:  I Was Hitler's Prisoner by Stefan Lorant (1939)
S   34:  Poland by W. J. Rose (1939)
S   36:  The Attack from Within by Elwyn Jones (1939) (two copies)
S   48:  An ABC of International Affairs: The Penguin Political Dictionary compiled by Walter  
            Theorem (1939)
S   51:  Must The War Spread by D. N. Pritt, K.C., M.P. (1940)
S   54:  Unser Kampf- Our Struggle by Sir Richard Acland M.P. (1940)
S   60:  Warships at Work by A.C. Hardy Illus by L Dunn (1940)
S   75:  New Ways of War by Tom Wintringham (1940)
S   76:  The Real Cost of War by J. Keith Horsefield
S   ??:  Generals and Generalship Lectures @ Trinity College 1939 by General Wavell (1941)
S    ??: Reaching For the Stars by Nora Waln Australian Edition (1942) British Edition was published 
            in 1942 also but I don't have it.
S   83:  Europe At War by Low (A history in 60 cartoons w/ narrative text) (1941reprint) Original 1941

S 135:  How the Jap Army Fights by varied members of USA Army First published Australian edition 
            (1944), British edition was originally published 1943
S 149:  Miners Day by B.L. Coombes (1945)
S 158:  Policy For The West by Barbara Ward (1951)
S 159:  Attitude to Africa by W A Lewis, M Scott, M Wight, C. Legum (1951)
S 161:  The Kingship of Christ by The Bishop of Chichester, G.K.A.Bell (1954)
S 168:  Pattern of the Post-War World by Gordon Connell-Smith (1957)
S 171:  60 Seasons of League Football by R. C. Churchill (1958)
S 174:  Geography of World Affairs- A Penguin Special by J.P. Cole
S 184:  Brighter Than 1000 Suns by Robert Junk (1960)
S 185:  The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard (1960 reprint) Originally published 1959
S 186:  America the Vincible by Emmet John Hughes (1959)
S 187:  The Organization Man by William H. Whyte (1960)
S 196:  Hanged in Error by Leslie Hale (1961)
S 197:  Hanged by the Neck by Arthur Koestler & C.H.Rolph (1961)

S 201:  The General Says No by Nora Beloff (1963)
S 203:  Madison Avenue U.S.A. (1961)
S 214:  United Nations: Piety Myth and Truth by Andrew Boyd (1962)
S 217:  Britain in the Sixties: The Crown and the Establishment by Kingsley Martin (1963)
S 233:  The Last Confucian (Vietnam, South East Asia, and the West) by Dennis Warner (1964)
S 242:  The Challenor Case by Mary Grigg (1965)
S 262:  May Day Manifesto 1968 Edited by Raymond Williams (1968)
S 268:  Obsolete Communish The Left-Wing Alternative by Gabriel & Daniel Cohn-Bendit (1969)

S ???:  South East Asia in Turmoil (1965)

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  1. South East Asia in Turmoil was originally issued as Penguin Special S240 (January 1965), It was reissued as Pelican A799 (January 1966)